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Ever Been to Iceland? Let me tell you why you need to go.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the country with just over 300,000 people for a friends birthday celebration. I had no expectations and to be completely honest I was pleasantly surprised. Iceland is a country of stunning natural beauty, with a range of outdoor activities that can provide an exciting and adventurous experience.

Here are some fun and adventurous things to do in Iceland:

1. Go glacier hiking: Iceland is home to many glaciers, including the largest in Europe, Vatnajökull. Experience the thrill of climbing on the ice and exploring the glacier's many crevasses and ice formations.

2. Take a dip in a hot spring: Iceland is famous for its hot springs and geysers, including the famous Blue Lagoon. Soak in the warm, mineral-rich waters and enjoy the unique natural beauty of these locations.

3. Try ice caving: Explore the hidden world of glaciers and ice caves, where you can see breathtaking ice formations and witness the power of the elements.

4. Horseback riding: Explore the rugged landscapes of Iceland on horseback and take in the breathtaking views from the back of a horse.

5. Whitewater rafting: Get your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling rafting adventure down one of Iceland's many rivers.

6. Go whale watching: Head out on a whale watching tour and see the majestic creatures of the sea in their natural habitat.

7. Take a snowmobile tour: Experience the thrill of snowmobiling on the frozen landscapes of Iceland and see the country's breathtaking glaciers, valleys, and lakes.

8. Go on a Northern Lights tour: Head out on a Northern Lights tour and witness the stunning natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis.

9. Visit the fun shops and bar scene in Reykjavik. If you like Gin stop by one of the popular watering holes, Kaldi Micro Brewery

10. Visit the black sand beaches: Explore the unique and dramatic black sand beaches along the southern coast of Iceland.

These are just a few of the many fun and adventurous things to do in Iceland. With its rugged landscapes and stunning natural beauty, Iceland offers a truly unique and exciting experience for adventure seekers.

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